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Transformative and Transportive Experiences

Silver Dream Projects

We transport and transform dreamers through engaging alternative realities.


The Story

Built by dreamers for dreamers. Silver Dream Projects was founded by Andrew Wehnke and MacKenzie Huneke inspired by the development of hyperrealities within themed spaces. SDP focuses on developing cross platform narratives to create alternative realities that blend in with our everyday world. Inspired by American consumer culture, neo-tropical aesthetics, and the fleeting surreal moments of dreams, SDP transports dreamers to another reality to inspire the awakening of a creative layer in our every day lives. 

In this new chapter, Silver Dream Projects has begun to focus on developing environmental awareness through promoting sustainability within our community. We believe creating beautiful imaginative experiences and transformations to foster IRL interaction and URL connection. Silver Dream provides surreal, multi-sensorial experiences driven by nostalgia to awaken creativity and co-collaboration.  

Photo by Marina Fini

Photo by Marina Fini


Andrew wehnke

Transmedia Designer + Founder


VP of Creative Operations

tony mayes

VP of Development

LA Markuson

Creative Strategy & Partnerships

Erika Sacks

Designer of Print

Kiana livingston


MacKenzie huneke

Co-Founder + Director of Story

Victor Carinha

VP of Experience

emma exley

Experiential Producer

Natalia Yandyganova

Marketing Director

Kristyn goodwin

Social & Content Designer

gabbi hnizdo


Maya Singer

VP of Narrative

Tori baisden

VP of Brand & Design

Spencer Channel

Director of Story

Daniel soares


Zoe burke


Liza kissel

Production Manager


claire jamison

Esco Jouley

alicia bella

jason greene

cat widdifield