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Transformative and Transportive Experiences

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A Time Travel Experience

If the world was fated to end within ten years what would you do? Inspired by the works of Mark Fisher and Jacques Derrida, Oasis explores a lost future built from the anxieties we face surrounding climate change. This choose your own adventure begins with a DM from Oasis Time Travel on Instagram. Now, Oasis isn’t your typical travel agency. Oasis promises a luxurious vacation to the past fueled by the ambition for humanity to reconnect with one another without a digital blocker. Their first destination is a disco back in 1979, within the infamous underground disco joint 3 Dollar Bill. However, when travelers’ vacations are disrupted by a stranger from the future, a mission arises to save the fabric of time itself. Over the course of this fall, you’ll be able to unlock new chapters of the experience over digital platforms, within theatrical nightlife, and alternative reality games.

Start your adventure now by DMing “I’d like to book a trip” to @oasistimetravel.